As most of you know, Shawn recently purchased me a home. Because I am high maintenance.


Humble abode. Three bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, one wood shop, one sunroom, lots of wood paneling.

The house was built in 1971 and I’m not sure anything in it had been updated since 1987, so it’s really the bare bones of our dream home. The house was pretty clean and well maintained, I have to include that. Nothing against the former owners.. just my style is not their style. And they would probably be appalled by some of our plans. But the sellers even gave us the original catalog for the home.  At one point, this house was a designer home where you got to pick your colors (avocado and orange, of course) and your features (wood floors, thankfully). This was the shit. The baby shit green.


1971 Floorplan

Avocado for reals

Was not joking about the avocado. Color of the decade, 1970-1979.

Ladies with hammers.

DIY advice before Pinterest. Look, DIY insulation in your new Allenwood home is so easy, even a woman can do it!

Everyone is saying, “Oh, how great… you are forced to can turn it into exactly what you want!” This is true, but it’s also true that most rooms in our house will be incomplete for the first many months years that we live here. And by incomplete I mean walls half torn down, floors with nails sticking up out of them. It’ll be worth it in the end, we know this, but I am also worn out from watching Shawn do work here. It’s exhausting watching someone do manual labor. Here are some of the little changes we’ve made so far. Most have involved deconstruction. We’ve done minimal construction.


ImageWe had to remove the wood stove in the living room because it was dangerously close to the wall. I’m not sure it will ever go back into the living room because I hate it and the living room is pretty small. We also had carpet in there but Shawn ripped up the carpet that ran through most of the house. Instantly better. Our next BIG project is to tear down the wall between the kitchen and living room (pictured above with crazy swirly glue all over it). That will bring this house into the 21st century.

The hall bathroom was not initially on the list of projects at all. Here’s how it happened: Hmm, let’s paint the walls. Hmm, wouldn’t this mirror look better? But then we’d need a new vanity.. And then we tried to stain the wooden toilet seat (who does that?!), but that didn’t work out. So we bought a vanity, stained the mirror to match, painted the walls and ceiling, moved the A/C thingy, moved the vent thingy and added a recessed light, changed out the lighting. Whew. Non-project will soon be our first complete project. Unless you count this “Master” salmon bathroom, which we did nothing at all to:

Not so master bathroom

Perfectly functional bathroom is perfectly functional. No need to do anything right now. If you’re wondering where the toilet is, it’s in the creepy cubby to the left of the shower.

And we have a complete master bedroom, too, since that wood paneling is painted a greyish blue and the room is good enough to be our very last project.


We will later redo the walls and refinish the floors. And that chandelier is moving to my future office/Nikki room.