2014, According to My Instagram

According to my Instagram, 2014 was the year of TREES, HOME IMPROVEMENT, MY FACE, & FOOD/COOKING. In other words, I had a pretty basic year. Here’s to an even more fulfillingly basic year to come! I need more seasonal Starbucks and photos of my feet doing seasonally appropriate activities (read: toes in sand, crunching leaves, winter boot swag) next year.

Extremely Artistic Shots of Trees. Trees are Life. Something Something Wind.

3 jan3 mar10 apr tree18 apr tree1 nov tree6 dec tree

Home Improvement Shots Because I Am an Adult. But Then We Ran Out of Time/Money.

16 mar house22 march house26 mar house25 may house7 july house11 july house 12 july house

Several of My Foods Have Faces. Because I am Not an Adult.

20 apr food20 april food3 may food10 aug food9 noc food13 dec food18 dec food 30 dec food

Selfies Because Instagram.

13 feb face8 oct face22 dec face31 oct face


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