Living in Balance



Staying balanced and living our lives while trying to pretty much overhaul an entire house is not easy and has completely thrown off our  ideal schedule, but I’m not complaining.  We could be further along on the house, but we would be completely miserable.  For example, we had originally planned to do nothing but electrical work and drywall yesterday, but instead we had a much-needed date with my parents (and sushi) that made my week. And last week was total chaos at work, so I needed some breaktime.

So, that’s why I don’t update much on the house. It’d be a lot of, “We mowed the lawn” or “I swept the floor once.” And most of what we’ve been doing to the house has been preparing to make big changes by doing things like electrical work (and obviously Shawn does this). But we are moving along..

We tore down a wall! And replaced it with a beam!


There once was a wall separating our living room and kitchen


But Shawn started tearing that wall down… (with the help of his dad and bro-in-law)


And they put up a temporary “wall” to ensure the whole house didn’t collapse or something



And then they replaced the real and temporary walls with a few giant beam boards. So when you come to visit, just think about how much weight is being held by a couple beams as you sit in our dining room.

We re-did the hall bathroom. It didn’t need it, but we re-painted the walls and ceiling!, got a new toilet, new mirror, and new vanity. It looks like a brand new bathroom.



Bathroom Before: Nothing wrong with it, just kinda “meh.” Walls were white, sink and toilet were off-white. (On a side note, we did attempt to do something fun and exciting and stain the toilet seat, but that didn’t work out for us. RIP, toilet seat). And those lights had to go.


So Shawn patched the medicine cabinet hole, ripped out the sink, made a huge mess, etc etc

bathroom during

I painted the ceiling.. first time painting anyfangg


Complete, as seen from the bathtub. We don’t have electricity in there right now because Shawn needs to do some sort of electrical magic

bathroom after

new hardware


Precious bathroom. So much warmer than the old bathroom.

We have also done lots of little things that are more behind the scenes, like Shawn has been working a lot on cleaning out the attic, fixing the crawl space, etc, and we have also been slowly working on the yard.

I did werk

I did werk

Currently we’re working on getting the living room drywalled, since it currently looks like this:

living room no walls

From there we can paint and work on the dining room and kitchen. Can’t wait…


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